April 15, 2010

Upcoming: Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival

I'd like to know what kinds of events you like to wear kimono to. During the Spring in Washington state, I love the Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Culture festival. It is held in the shadow of the Space Needle, and always draws a huge crowd of people, many of whom come to the event dressed in yukata. If you live in the Seattle area and would like to attend the festival, it will be held April 16th-18th. Link

This is a yukata I wore to the Cherry Blossom Festival many years ago. Last year I attended with my sister's family but didn't dress up. This year my sister and niece have told me that they'd like to dress in yukata, so I hope to get good pictures this year!

If you like, you may read my blog entry for last year's event. Look into local events in your area! I'd love to hear how you enjoy your kimono life!

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