August 29, 2012

Nihonmachi Nites

A few weeks ago we went to Nihonmachi Nites in Seattle. It was a small festival to promote Seattle's Nihonmachi Japanese businesses.

Bryan wore his dinosaur yukata again, and I wore a UNIQLO goldfish yukata. Bryan was again in a bad mood, but it was because I woke him up early from his nap (bad mommy!) so that we could get there in time for the children's yukata contest. It was the main reason I wanted to go, so that Bryan could show his dinosaur yukata that mommy made for him. It turned out that the festival was running late and we had to wait, so we went to some of the shops to look around.

One of the shops, Momo, was holding a Spam Musubi contest. I don't remember what Spam tastes like, I only remember not liking it when I was a kid. So readers please tell me, is Spam any good?? These Spam Musubi look rather good:
This one with the quail eggs was the winner of the Spam Musubi contest. It looks delicious!

Bryan was very fascinated with a tree, and had a good time pointing at it and waiting for me to say "tree" for him. I had a good time trying to catch a picture of him doing a disco dancing pose!

Silly boy! Wearing a yukata doesn't slow him down one bit!

Piggyback rides while wearing yukata!

Only two kids showed up for the yukata contest. I think there were supposed to be more, as I did see more kids in yukata later on in the day, but I think there was confusion because of the late start.

Eep! Squirmy baby!
Bryan won best ensemble. He loves his prize, a koinobori toy!

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