June 29, 2013

Etsy: Beaded Haori Himo

I've listed two beaded haori himo in my Etsy shop! The first one is shiny steel blue Chinese cut crystal

The second is aquamarine glass beads with a matching porcelain focal bead.

I will also begin accepting custom order requests for bead haori himo! I can design a beaded haori himo or obi kazari according to style preferences, or to coordinate with a specific haori or kimono ensemble.


  1. Hi, Amanda! Do you also accept orders for informal obiage? I stumbled upon Kimono Ai's blog Package has Arrived and she seems to be looking for one.=)

    1. I do occasionally do obiage. At the moment I have solid color crepe fabric in baby-pink and bright dark pink. But at the moment I am not taking custom orders until I finish my large project I am working on for my son's Shichi-go-san