September 26, 2012

My son's last yukata of the year

Random yukata day! I told my son "let's get dressed so we can go play outside" and he ran and fetched his new yukata. I guess he's been wanting to wear it! We got this yukata set as a birthday gift from my friend Kaori. It is so cute, and the white looks really good on Bryan. The pattern is dragonflies and kabuto beetles. The heko obi is so light and fluffy, the fabric is very sheer nylon. The light aquamarine/seafoam color is perfect for warm summer days!

These pictures are from Sept. 17th, late in the summer, but Seattle has been unusually warm, so the temperature was great for wearing yukata.

Bryan really likes temari balls. Temari are typically girl's toys, but I see no reason why boys can't play with them too!

You can kind of see how sheer the obi is, it is more sheer than pantyhose! When he runs, his obi looks like a graceful goldfish swimming in the air.

Soon I hope to buy Bryan his first pair of geta, but his feet grow so fast at this age!

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