October 22, 2012

Shopping Finds!

I love October! This is the best time of year to find cheap secondhand wafuku in my area - in the Halloween section of thrift and secondhand stores!

I've been really good about not going on my shopping spree I crave doing this time of year. Money is tight, so I've been avoiding thrift stores like a really strike diet (lol!). But I did get some cheap finds recently:

Two nagoya obi. Both are rather bad condition, but I couldn't resist at only $3. I don't see much damage on the parts that show, I think I can still wear them. The green one is summer weave.

New yukata for my little boy (still had original tags). This one is too big for him now, so it will last him a few years.

Fish and whales, in bright colors. It is fun and whimsical. I've managed to collect a good number of yukata for baby Bryan, but I have a hard time finding casual kimono items for boys. It seems there is mostly just shichi-go-san kimono and vintage baby kimono pieces on ebay and etsy, and I am so resistant to spending lots of money on kimono. So, I guess I need to get to work sewing little boy kimono items!! I just need motivation and inspiration...!

Dark blue seems to be the theme of the latest shopping trip. I found a sha kimono in the children's halloween costume section. Confession: I've never worn summer weave kimono before. I am still trying to find summer kimono pieces on a tight budget.

Small yabane stripes in the blue check pattern, and some silver thread. It is very muted and plain, but with the right obi I can probably liven up this kimono.


  1. More children's yukata, hooray! This one is also super cute.

    The dark blue kimono would probably look really elegant with a light obi... perhaps Katie would lend you that ro nagoya if you needed one :)