October 22, 2012

White Houmongi, and Obi Musubi Practice

I am slowly attempting to go through my wafuku collection and pick out pieces to sell, and separate items that I want to repair or resize. It is taking far longer than it should, because anytime I try to work on it, baby Bryan gets excited about kimono, wanting to go through them and try them on.

 I pulled this white houmongi out of storage. I bought this many many years ago, but have never worn it because it has a lot of stains. It is a shame, because I like the bold colors of the kiku and kanoko dots. When I first bought it, I originally planned to just use it for craft fabric to make purses or doll kimono, because I loved the pattern, but when I looked at it this week I feel like I want to attempt taking it apart and cleaning it so I can wear it, maybe for the next semi-formal event I go to. I suppose I will be doing a lot of research soon, I really don't want the dye to bleed on the white fabric.

The sleeves have the most staining and dirt. I feel so sad that it is so dirty, I would love to wear it. I always considered peony to be my favorite kimono motif, but this year I seem to be drawn to kiku motif, maybe because it reminds me of the kimono I wore to the most exciting kimono event I've been to, Kimono Jack Seattle.

Will I am still working up the courage to wash the kimono, I put it on a dressform to practice some obi musubi. I apologize for the poor lighting!

Bunko musubi.

There wasn't a name for this musubi in the book I used, and I'm not a fan of how it came out. Its basically an otaiko musubi, with "wings" underneath the drum. I don't think my fukuro obi has the right stiffness to pull off this musubi.

This musubi is called Kaei, 「花影」.
The shape is actually rather pretty, but it doesn't work well with the large pattern of the obi.

 Hana-kouken, 「花後見」, this musubi is very lovely! I want to try doing this musubi on myself!


  1. I love the look of bunko musubi but I've been hesitant to try it. Is it hard to tie? Does it crease your obi? I don't want to try a knot that will crease my obi to a point that I can't do taiko musubi with it any more. I like having options! :)

  2. I think it depends on the obi, really. I've never had a problem with smoothing out creases from musubi (fold lines from long storage are much more difficult to smooth out!).
    When I tie the musubi, I don't press the folds very hard, not like doing origami, so permanent creases don't appear.