November 25, 2012

I'm still here!!

Hi, just a quick message to let everyone know I'm still here! I've been terribly busy lately. I had a temp job recently that had me working extremely long hours (7am to midnight, woo hoo!). That temp job is now finished, but now I am trying to play catch up on everything, as well as busy with holiday things. I hope to get back to kimono-related stuff soon, I have a kasuri kimono I need to finish repairing.

One new thing I can share, is a sewing box I made recently. A Victorian Needlebox, the kit is from Needleboxes Etc. Not really kimono-related, except that the cotton fabric I used looks like chiyogami paper.

The box opens up like petals, the walls of the box hold needles, or I can tuck sewing tools in the straps, like little scissors. There is a smaller box in the center to hold sewing notions, and the lid of the little box is a pin cushion.

The box cinches closed with a drawstring. I sewed fabric beads on the ends of the kumihimo drawstring to act as stoppers, so the ends of the drawstring don't slip out of the drawstring guides.

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