November 30, 2012

Current Project

I actually started this project before Thanksgiving, but put it aside out of lack of motivation. I decided that I want to resew a few of my kimono so that they fit me better. I started with a kasuri kimono that was given to me, which has always been too small for me to wear comfortably.

I've worn it once, last year:

I only wore it for pictures, so the fit didn't matter much, but I'd like to be able to wear it out around town comfortably. So I decided to take it apart. I knew that it had some tears in the fabric, such as a really bad one near the hem, but when taking it apart I found many more tears hidden in the seams. Some were hastily repaired by the previous owner (she told me this) but I didn't think there was so many tears!

There are long tears like this that were hidden inside the front sewn parts of both sleeves under the wrist openings.

Here is the repaired tear. Not bad!! I can still see where the tear was, but it is sturdy now and the hole is closed, and it will not be seen since it is right where the seam will be sewn. Some of the tears are in visible areas that will be seen on the outside of the kimono, but I am fine with that, since it is an old kimono, and a dark color so it won't be seen easily. I will be happy to have this be a functioning garment. I'm still only working on the sleeves right now. On the first sleeve I've repaired a total of 9 tears, and have 5 to repair on the other sleeve. I haven't even looked at the body of the kimono yet to see how bad the damage is!

And as always, whenever I have kimono around my son, he wants to wear it:
He wrapped himself up in the kasuri fabric and marched around the house like a prince. I need to find the motivation to sew a lined kimono/haori set for him. I'd really like to have one for New Years!
I have some wool for making a wool set for him, but I don't know how well black and red would look on a child, hmn. So much sewing to do!!


  1. Very pretty Kimono!
    And nicely done repair.
    Oh, and your son is soooooo cute! But I don't think red and black would be the right thing for him, I imagine it being too dark for a kid in general and for Bryan in special because he has such light hair and skin (and I see red/black more as a goth colour combination).

  2. Thank you, I thought the same, plus I don't think I've ever seen a black and red wool kimono for a boy. The fabric has a very small pattern that looks like tiger stripes, but the whole of the fabric looks brown because the pattern is so tiny.
    I think I will concentrate on finding a really nice fabric for a nice kimono for New Years!

  3. Oh, I love this! I am looking for a Kimono, do you know where i can find custom made kimono or yukata ? :)