May 05, 2013

Kodomo no Hi!

Today we celebrated Kodomo no Hi, Children's Day!

Bryan was very excited to wear his origami kabuto helmet. I told him this morning that it was Kodomo no Hi and he immediately fetched the paper kabuto! We decided to go to Point Defiance for the day to visit the beach and Japanese "pagoda" garden after breakfast. He was so dismayed that I left his paper kabuto in the car when we went to the restaurant for breakfast that he decided to wear the restaurant's children's menu on his head as a replacement...

The Point Defiance "pagoda" is used as a popular reception hall for weddings and parties. 2 years ago it was burned down by a teenage arsonist, but the renovation was finally completed a couple of months ago.

The red torii, shrine, and lamps are very lovely. It was a nice spot to take photos and watch the ducks playing in the water.

He wore his kabuto over a baseball cap, to keep the sun out of his eyes, and we found that helped keep it from sliding off his head so often! 

The small shrine in the center of the pond. The asymmetrical shape of the roof is cool!

The footbridge was a bit tricky for him, but his koinobori swam better in the breeze from the top.

It took a few tries to make a paper kabuto that would fit on Bryan's head. I think the newspaper I picked up must be smaller than standard newspapers. I ended up layering a couple sheets of newspaper to make it wider and ended up with a good one! Our practice kabuto was from construction paper, which we later gave to the cat. Kitty cat Matrix was not pleased.

Bryan later gave him a kiss and thanked him for being a good sport.

And we made and colored a koinobori as well during craft time! We had a very happy Children's Day!

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