August 25, 2013

Etsy - Kitsuke Accessories Sets

I am very excited to announce that I've begun creating more kitsuke accessories, including wide obi ita, obi makura, and date jime! I've been busily experimenting with making different styles of kitsuke accessories, and I am so happy with the results! I will be offering more kitsuke accessories in different fabrics in the near future, please look forward to it!

I've started off by making two sets of 5 piece kitsuke accessories in a blue floral cotton fabric.

The sets include an obi makura, obi ita, date jime, and 2 koshihimo. You can find the kitsuke set in my Etsy shop, here.

The obi makura is a soft type, with poly-fiber filling, and polyester himo. I used two different types of fabric for the makura himo, a sheer polyester, and a mesh type polyester.

Obi makura measurements:
Length: 23.5cm
Width: 10cm
Circumference: 24cm
Himo Length: 157cm

The obi ita is the long type, with a rigid chipboard core.

Obi Ita Measurements:
Length: 48cm
Width: 13cm
Pocket opening width: 16cm

The date jime is an easy to wear himo type, with a semi-stiff shin core. Just wrap the date jime across the front of your kimono, cross the himo ties in back, and tie in front.

Date Jime Measurements:
Width: 10cm
Length (front only): 70cm
Himo Length: 78cm
Total Length: 226cm

For the Koshihimo, I offer the option of thread tassels on the ends, or without. The set comes with 2 koshihimo.

Koshihimo Measurements:
Width: 4cm
Length: 225cm

In an effort to use up as much of this fabric as I could, I made a few other small accessories that I've listed separately. The first I made was a sensu & sensu fukuro set:

Sensu Measurements:
Length: 21cm
Width: 3.5cm
Opens to 36cm

Sensu Fukuro Measurements:

And finally, I made some small purse accessories, including a coin pouch, card wallet, and compact mirror.

The mirror and coin pouch have a layer of poly-fiber padding, and the card wallet closes with an elastic and button. This time I used a red cotton lining.

Coin Pouch: 12.5x7.5x4cm
Card Wallet: 10x6cm
Mirror: 8.5cm square


  1. hello. i love your designs and was wondering if you could make a custom made one for a plus size girl? i have always wanted to wear a yukata but never been able to find one for a plus size girl:/ so I am wondering if you could?

    1. If you need a good plus sized Yukata, sells authentic Yukata for larger girls. Amanda can make all the accessories for you to go with!