June 07, 2014

Kimono Jack at Deco Japan, part 1

Hello everyone~! I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Spring! Today was a Kimono Jack gathering in Seattle! This time the Kimono Jack was held at the Seattle Asian Art Museum in conjunction with a special exhibition currently on display - Deco Japan: Shaping Art & Culture, 1920-1945.

This exhibit displays various items such as household items, handbills, kimono, and ceramics, from the art deco movement of Japan, which are distinctive with modern forms combined with traditional flair and technique. Those who love the glamour of the Taisho and Showa eras will love this collection. In particular, I enjoyed the images of the Moga, Modern Girls, Japan's version of flapper girls. You can see some examples of some of the items in the collection by clicking the link above, or in this Youtube video from when the collection was in NY: http://youtu.be/GbsixuOyHfo

My favorite pieces of the collection are an obi dyed in the theme of the Olympic Games, and a lacquered box for stationery emblazoned with a silver Pegasus! (squee!)

In addition to seeing the Deco Japan collection on display, today's Kimono Jack included a private reception which featured a kimono fashion show by Yu Ugawa and Kimono Art. This fashion show was especially exciting, as the theme was Retro Modern, showcasing kimono from the Taisho and Showa eras!

I decided to sew one of the kimono bolts that I had gotten as my Mother's Day gift, and knew that the tsuzumi drum fabric would pair well with a red and yellow Taisho obi that I own.

Here is my newly sewn kimono! (photographed before ironing, what can I say, I was pretty excited)
I wanted a green obijime so my coordinate wouldn't be all red and yellow, so I ended up making one! I had a bundle of vintage kumihimo-style braided rayon cording, so I sewed together two lengths of round cord to make the obijime.

This is such an easy idea for a casual obijime! But I recommend using very strong thread. I ended up redoing this with embroidery floss since I feared thread would break if pulled tightly.

Here is my coordinate:

The obidome is a converted brooch. I made the loops for the obijime to pass through using gold wire and attached it to the back.

I didn't get any good photos, but I also made a big yellow peony hairclip, and a rose embroided han'eri using the same rose pattern as the last one I made, but in the colors of orangey red, lime green, and yellow to match this ensemble.

I also needed a purse to go with this! Since I was a teenager I had kept this scrap fabric from an old 60s or 70s ladies polyester pants suit that had adorable bees embroidery. I had an eclectic sense of "fashion".
This scrap is a pant's leg, the embroidery was originally near the hem of the bellbottom pants.

Completed purse! I used a thick interfacing so it keeps it's shape, and added a board at the base so that it will not sag when filled.

The backside also has a few stray bees.

Lined in satin. I didn't add a clasp, since the top stays mostly closed and the opening is relatively small. If I had more time I would have liked to add some interior pockets, but I tend to not use those anyways.

Completed ensemble~

Super blurry... It was my one sad attempt to get a photo to show my han'eri. Ah well, you get the gist. 

I did my typical hairdo that I seem to do when I dress up: hair pulled back in a curly ponytail thingie (technical term). Originally I wanted to do a hairstyle inspired by the ladies in those eras of the Japan Deco exhibit, a Moga/Gatsby style bob! I recently donated 14 inches of my hair, so I've now got shoulder length hair that I get to experiment with. Here is my first attempt at a Moga inspired faux bob.
It would have looked very cute with kimono! Unfortunately I seem to be very sensitive to the extra heat to comes with even a small amount of hair touching my neck. I didn't want to be a miserable puddle of sweat during the Kimono Jack, so I had to go with a ponytail. Come Autumn when the weather is cooler, I think I will have to try doing this sort of style with a Taisho Roman or Showa Retro kimono style!

I've still got a lot of photographs to sort through of the Kimono Jack and Retro Modern fashion show. Part #2 is next!

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