June 09, 2014

Kimono Jack at Deco Japan, part 2

Kimono Jack at the Seattle Asian Art Museum began in the afternoon, but people arrived early to the museum in order to view the Deco Japan collection and other exhibits. Earlier in the day, Kimono Art had put on a free kimono fashion show to museum visitors, with a few of the Taisho/Showa ensembles in the later Retro Modern fashion show, as well as some other examples of kimono styles. When I arrived, they were posing for some after-show photographs.

Vintage black bridal kimono
Bride with a furisode model
Gorgeous obi musubi

Myself, Linda and her daughters - I met Linda previously at the last Kimono Jack I attended, where the 4 of us all participated in a kimono fashion show together!

Butoh performer Kaoru Okamura. Her movements were very slow, controlled, and ghostly. You can see her performing her Butoh rendition of Kurokami at a previous performance here.

A pair of antique summer kimono were displayed in the lobby. This ro kimono features flying fish, a common motif in the 1930s because they resemble the importance of airplanes during that time, as well as angelfish, a non-traditional motif that was considered fashionable.

I believe this one was sha, featuring grasses and dragonflies.

Two displayed wedding kimono is the reception room.

Some photos from the Kimono Jack reception, before the fashion show. I will share photos from the fashion show in my next post, part 3.

Many beautiful kimono ladies came to the Kimono Jack!

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