April 25, 2012

Kodomo no Hi Display

Recently I've been posting some of the papercraft things I've been making for Kodomo no Hi. I decided it was time to set up the display.

This is in my son's bedroom. The koinobori hanging from the window was a gift, we do not have a full set. I would have liked to fly a full set of koinobori outside, but my apartment manager does not allow it. Almost everything is handmade - the only things that are not handmade are the large koinobori and a small samurai doll.

These were the more complicated papercrafts I did: Rilakkuma models. You can download them at this blog (Japanese only). Left to right: Rilakkuma sleeping in a koinobori, Korilakkuma dressed as Kintarou, Kiiroitori with koinobori, and Rilakkuma eating kashiwa-mochi.

 These are not real irises. I made these iris flowers using silk, in a class I took to learn making zokei bonsai (fake bonsai trees). The koinobori and kendama toy are both made out of paper.

In the center is a kabuto kazari (samurai helmet display). This one is tiny! I may make a bigger one, but I made this one because it looked nice and took the least amount of time to make. Tiger and koinobori links here.

Closer view of the kabuto kazari. I also have links for other kabuto kazari papercrafts: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4

My son's Kintarou harakake is currently being worn by his crocheted sock monkey that grandma and mommy made for him (grandma crocheted, I embroidered the face). Sock monkey is also protecting this koinobori toy so that it doesn't get played with too much before Kodomo no Hi!

I've made various other toys for my son to play with. For now I am keeping them up on the tallest dresser next to his mawari-dourou (revolving lamp). The lamp is made by one of my husband's customers (my husband works for a paper company).
Some links for the toys: Panda den-den-daiko (my son LOVES this), Kazaguruma (windmill), Taketonbo, Taketonbo (string powered, but I can't get mine to fly..), Koma (spinning tops), Tiger toy, Retro paper airplanes, and origami kabuto.

For those wondering, I use cardstock for all of the papercrafts, except for the Rilakkuma models and paper airplanes I use regular printer paper.

This is going to be my family's first Kodomo no Hi, so I am a beginner! I would appreciate any advice, such as if I've made a big mistake with the display! Even if it is not such a traditional way, at least I want to feel as though I didn't break any rules!

I don't yet know what we will do for Kodomo no Hi, other than play with toys. I would like to get some kashiwa-mochi, but it is a long drive to the nearest Japanese sweets shop. I don't know if frozen kashiwa-mochi is any good. We would also like to do shoubu-yu, bath with Sweet Flag leaves. I will have to look around to see where I can find the correct leaves for shoubu-yu.

There are many events in my area for Kodomo no Hi! I wish I could go to all of them, but the drive is very long. My local Shinto shrine is doing kodomo no oharae (prayer) during the month of May, but it is at least a 2 hour drive. There is a Kodomo no Hi festival on May 6th, with martial arts and taiko, food, yukata dress-up, and paper yoroi armor. I don't know if my son is too young to appreciate it, but we may go. Also, the Seattle Japanese Garden is celebrating Kodomo no Hi later in the month. I hear they usually do dance performances, a puppet show, and crafts. My son is probably too young to appreciate those things, but he would definitely enjoy seeing the giant koi fish at the gardens!

My previous posts on kodomo no hi:
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Update: This koinobori toy has already been destroyed! At least he had fun playing with it, maybe I will make another one.


  1. wow, what a work, for an a person like me, unknown to papercraft like this, is watching this very impressive and fascinating. LIKE

  2. Great jobs!! I've never seen such wonderful hand-made Kodomo-no-hi goods. I think everything is ready. Hope you'll have Kashiwamochi..It is certain that children like it. But it seems to be difficult to buy or make. How about another dish (this Koinobori shushi recipe)?? This is very colorful and Bryan will like it, and it's easy to make.