February 10, 2012

October 2011 Kitsuke

 I wore this kimono as a Purple color challenge. It is kasuri, with a purple-ish indigo base color. I added a purple cotton han'eri and magenta sakiori obi with pink accessories.
The obiage and obijime are from a gift of children's kimono items I got from my brother's roommate. The obiage is child-sized, but the obijime was a good size for me. The butterfly is a kanzashi, but I liked the extra glitter to the informal ensemble.
  My favorite zouri! Thick velvety hanao look very youthful to me.

And something different. This is a nibushiki kimono. I don't particularly like these type of kimono. They are unflattering on me. But often times at Japanese festivals I see womens' chorus groups wear these kimono.

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