May 02, 2014

Kodomo no Hi, 2014

Happy Children's Day!!!

Well, not quite yet~ Kodomo no Hi, Children's Day, is this coming Monday, May 5th. For the last couple of days we've had abnormally nice weather, but from the weekend onward is supposed to be lots of rain. So, I decided to celebrate Kodomo no Hi early with just me and baby boy by having a picnic.

For our Kodomo no Hi picnic, we decided to check out the historic Wagner estate and Lakewold Gardens. They just happened to be doing a MayFest celebration until Mother's Day, and had some ikebana and bonsai on display.

The gardens are lovely, but Bryan was fascinated by the statues scattered around.

A pair of dog statues were his favorite.

Such a peaceful setting!
Picnic time! He was very excited for the picnic. He has a bit of a dinosaur theme going on, with his dino yukata, dinosaur chopsticks, sandwich cut into dinosaur shapes, and a dinosaur plushie.

For my lunch, I made a cold soba noodle salad using a recipe from Just One Cookbook. It was very good!

He likes playing with his chopsticks~ "ta-da! I did it!"

For those in the Seattle area, there are still some upcoming Kodomo no Hi celebrations to attend:
This Sunday, May 4th, there will be a Kodomo no Hi festival at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington State <-- click the link for details. Lost of crafts, activities, and performances for the kids. We attended in 2012, but Bryan was still too young to participate much.

Then, later in the month will be another Children's Day celebration at Seattle Japanese Garden, May 26th. We may try to attend for the first time this year.

Have a happy Children's Day!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate kodomo no hi! Beautiful pictures and I enjoyed reading your post. He's so cute in your handmade yukata! Thanks so much for linking back to my soba salad recipe. xoxo

  2. I found your blog from Just One Cookbook's facebook page. Your son looks so adorable in the yukata and the "samurai" hat :)! Once I also made such a hat myself, but I used it to decorate my bento boxes ;)