May 27, 2012

Haru Matsuri

My son and I went to Haru Matsuri, an event put on by the Japanese Student Association of Seattle University. We had a good time, the students did a great job and had a good event.

I wore my bold green and black yukata with a wide yellow obi and yellow flower in my hair. I was surprised by how much I like this look! I'm normally drawn to more girly and pink patterns, but this style seems to suit me!

This has become my standard hairstyle when wearing kimono and yukata. On my Facebook page, I revealed that is is fake! The curly ponytail is a clip-on hairpiece. It is very easy!

For some added sparkle, I used a charm necklace as an obi kazari. I attached the necklace around my datejime before tying my obi. 

Baby Bryan wore his dinosaur yukata! He was very popular at the matsuri, girls called "kawaii~~<3" when he was walking around! My obi-ita is peeping out in the picture - when I picked up baby, he put his sandal on my stomach and pushed down my obi a little bit. It is very hard to hold a child that is wearing yukata! 

When we arrived at the festival, I was greeted by a gentleman, he said "Hey, it's Kimono Life!" I was happy and told him it was funny because that is the name of my blog. He said "I know!" Wow! I didn't think I would run into someone who knew about my blog! He recognized me from when we went to Kodomo no Hi. Wow, I'm sorry I sort of stuttered and didn't know how to respond. I was just really happy that someone recognized me, it made my day. I love going to these events and sharing my experiences, now I am more motivated to go to more events and share my love of matsuri and wearing kimono and yukata.

We arrived towards the end of the festival. I think they may have done a kendo demonstration (I didn't get to see it) but I saw them showing some of the students how to hold a katana. I liked watching the concentration of those who wanted to hold and pose with the katana. I think some festival goers took photographs of themselves posing like samurai~

Calligraphy. I wanted to write something for my son, but he didn't want to sit still, so I just took pictures.

Many people have done a good job trying calligraphy!

Students could try on yukata and take a picture. There were many people walking around in yukata, I was very happy to see!

These two were very cute, both are guys taking a fun "couples" photo together. All of the girls were screaming "kawaiii~~" when he wore a pink yukata.

This is one singer we watched (sorry I didn't take full video). I think his name is Takuya Mochizuki. He was a good singer! My son enjoyed watching the guitar playing.

There were a lot of these paper flowers decorated on the floor, very pretty. They did a good job making these decorations. I felt bad because my son tried to run through the "field" of pretty flowers. Thankfully I caught him before he trampled too many of them..

The students are working on folding 1000 paper cranes (senbazuru). I hope their wishes reach those affected by the tsunami and Fukushima disaster.

I also folded some cranes. I handed one origami crane to Bryan and explained to him (simply) what it was and that we want to send our prayer to Japan with the senbazuru. He held the paper crane gently, and then he tried to attach the paper crane to the strands of cranes that had already been completed. He tried many times to add his crane to the others, it was very sweet!
He wanted to help add cranes to the senbazuru strands! I picked him up and let him drop the cranes I had folded into a box where they were collecting paper cranes.

We bought one of these origami balls. There were also smaller ones that were made into earrings.

We took a break and ran around outside, after getting a water balloon yo-yo.
He runs very fast! His hair and obi blowing in the wind. I am glad that I wore my comfortable geta!

Wearing yukata doesn't slow him down at all!

Toddlers are difficult to photograph, so much energy!
(I take a lot of pictures...)

Inochi Taiko performed at the festival! I didn't know they would be there. We saw them play at the Cherry Blossom Festival, it was my family's favorite part of the festival. My husband didn't come with me to this festival, but I sent him a text message telling him "Inochi Taiko is here!!" and he regretted not coming to Haru Matsuri! We like them very much. I bought an Inochi Taiko t-shirt at the festival.

We had fun! I look forward to the next matsuri~!

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