May 25, 2012

Weekend Plans

Memorial Day weekend, there is no shortage of things to do! I found out yesterday through the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington that there will be a Haru Matsuri this Saturday. It is a 1st annual event being put on by the Seattle University's Japanese Student Association.

I am going to go to the event dressed in yukata with my son, it is a great opportunity for him to wear his dinosaur yukata! I am going to wear a very simple yukata in very bold colors.
Black, lime green, and yellow. I haven't decided yet if I will wear the green or red geta. The green ones have vinyl straps, so I may go with the red geta for the sake of comfort. I don't plan of bringing a stroller with me, so comfort is key since I will likely be carrying my son the whole time!

It has been a long time since I have been to a student ran event. It sounds like the Japanese Student Association is having a good time with preparations. I know it is last moment, but if anyone in the Seattle area wants to check out the matsuri, it is at Seattle University, Student Center 160, from 2-6pm on Saturday, May 26th. It is $6, and that includes $2 worth of food and game tickets.

There will be food: yakisoba, yakitori, dango, and andagi. I have never had andagi, but it sounds delicious! There will be performances, including Okinawa Kenjin-Kai Taiko. I wish I knew when the Okinawa taiko will perform, my son loves it, but I don't think we will arrive at the matsuri until around 4pm because of naptime and the long commute. I hope we don't miss the taiko!

The SU JSA's Haru Matsuri promo video.

There are other events going on this weekend in the Seattle area. Most notably probably is the Folklife Festival at Seattle Center. This is one of the largest free music festivals, and it is supposed to be even larger this year since it coincides with the 50th anniversery of the Space Needle. There will be performances representing a variety of international and folk music. I recommend seeing Inochi Taiko, they will perform at 4:30 on Monday. Northwest Taiko is performing today at 4:30.

Also going on this weekend is the Seattle Japanese Garden's Children's Day event. It will be from 1-5pm on Monday. There will be performances and hands-on activities for kids, including taiko and a puppet show by Mimibunko. I don't know if there will be dance performances this year, it doesn't say on the website. I don't think we will go since we've already gone to one Children's Day event this month, although the giant koi fish at the gardens are great to watch! I think we will try and go to the Japanese garden during Tanabata celebrations this year.

Alright, I hope to take pictures tomorrow at the Haru Matsuri! Everyone, enjoy the weekend!

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