June 17, 2012

A few new things

At yesterday's kimono fashion show in my previous post, the kimono master was impressed to see some of us in the audience who were wearing kimono. She asked us to all come up towards the stage as she wanted to give us all a gift. It was unexpected, even the emcee/translator was taken aback! Yu Ugawa-sensei described each of our ensembles to the audience and complemented us. (She liked my han'eri and hairstyle <3 ) We were all given a gift of cute gauze handkerchiefs. I'm so touched, it was a surprise!

Here is the handkerchief that I received, the pattern is anesama dolls:

After socializing at the end of the kimono show, the three of us in the kimono club went to Hosekibako, the Japanese antique shop that Shannon and I went to last time we were in Seattle. Shannon had just started working there as a volunteer, and she told us about some new kimono items the shop just received! Shannon got a very nice extra-long pink iromuji that she had her eyes on.

We spent a long time in the shop browsing through every thing they had!! I found a little pair of okobo, and I was surprised to find that they fit me!! I'm so lucky to have tiny feet...!
They were so fun to walk in <3 I didn't buy them... why didn't I buy them..?!? I don't think I have a use for them. I don't do Nihon-buyo anymore, and I don't really have any plans to do maiko henshin, but at the same time they were so affordable (I don't remember how much, probably only $15 or so!) and very nice condition. I may have to make an excuse to go back to the shop..

Seriously, anyone who lives in the Seattle area, visit Hosekibako. They have so much good stuff at great prices, and the proceeds go towards programs and events held by the JCCCW.

I only had a small purchase this time, a brocade card holder for my business cards. I handed out a lot of business cards for the Seattle/Tacoma Kimono Club while we were socializing after the kimono show, and the only thing I had to hold my cards was a flimsy origami card envelope I had made.
Only 50 cents, I'm such a big spender!

As we were leaving Hosekibako, a man asked me "Are you Amanda from Kimono Life?" It made me so happy, thank you! I am so happy that I can share my experiences of kimono and visiting the various Japanese culture events in the Seattle area!

After shopping, we went to Samurai Noodle for lunch, and to trade some of our kimono items after we ate. I traded a maki'e kanzashi and a pair of zouri (that were in need of repair) for an obijime and a scrap of ro fabric.

I like this color, I think it is versatile.

I have no summer weight kimono items (except for a horribly stained ro obi I was given), so I want to try and get some more summer items. I think I can use this ro fabric to make a han'eri or obiage (or both, it is rather long)

I also bought this uchiwa recently. It is very similar to one I already have, but I figure I can never have too many uchiwa!

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