June 26, 2012

Stretch Tabi and new komon

I made another pair of stretch tabi. This time I did a tutorial on how to use the stretch tabi sewing pattern to make lined stretch tabi. I posted the tutorial on the Seattle Kimono Club page, here is the link for the tutorial, I will just post some pictures of the finished tabi here.

The lighting wasn't very good, so they look sort of blue in these pictures, however the true color is a light tan-gold. The fabric is very shiny, like stretchy satin.

This picture shows the true color!

Very shiny!! I like unusual items, and I think the satin-like shine makes these unique.

I recently got a new kimono. I found it at a thrift store, so I am happy to find it in perfect condition. It is a modern washable komon (my first!). I am so used to antique kimono and yukata, so I am surprised at how large modern kimono are. The wingspan is almost too big on me, but I like that feeling when the sleeves cover my hands!

 Ochre color isn't very good for me, but the latice and pink flowers are very feminine looking, so I think I can wear it in a girly way and not look like an old lady in this color. I am envisioning this with a white or cream obi and a lace parasol.

Although, I have no idea what flower this is! I may have to ask the Immortal Geisha Forums to see if anyone knows the flower. If any of my readers know, please tell me!!

Other new crafts: My husband asked me to make a dice bag / kinchaku for him. He picked out this fabric.

 My current project is making another yukata. I have had this vintage see-through cotton fabric for a long time, and I have A LOT of it. The majority of the fabric is rose buds, and a band of roses. I'm going to call this fabric "shabby chic", it looks like something I would see used as curtains or something in a cute little cottage. I am going to make it in the style of katamigawari. Since the fabric is very sheer, I may make a light summer juban to go with it, or at least sleeves to attach to a hadajuban so that my arms aren't seen through the sleeves..

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