March 14, 2012

Book Scan: Nursery Rhymes

About 10 years ago, I found a couple of old Japanese children's books at my local thrift store. The art in the books are sooo cute, I couldn't resist the black marble eyes of the little girls in the drawings. These books originally came with LP records to sing along to, but none came with my used. I don't know how old the books are, and they are rare to find pictures from the series on the internet, so I figured I just had to share.

This one is book #41 of the series (I don't know how many there are, the back of the book only lists up to book #40). This one is a collection of Japanese children's songs. I will include translations and romanization of the lyrics, and links to the songs, for those who would like to learn the songs. Please click on the images to make them larger.

Audio Picture Book
Golden Sheet 41
Bright Country, LP 33 1/3 rpm
Children's Songs - part 1

This page contains instructions for moms on singing with children and on how to use the vocal sheets that weren't included when I bought the books.

Ame / Rain
Ame ga furimasu, ame ga furu
Asobi ni yukitashi, kasa wa nashi
Beni o no kakko mo, o ga kireta

Ame ga furimasu, ame ga furu
Iya demo ouchi de, asobimashou
Chiyogami orimashou, tatamimashou

It's raining, it's raining
I want to play but don't have my parasol
The strap broke on my crimson geta (clogs, "kakko")

It's raining, it's raining
I don't want to, but let's play inside
Let's fold chiyogami, let's fold

This Youtube video has more lyrics than the children's book has, the uploader has included romaji lyrics in the video description.

Juu-nin no Indian / 10 Little Indians
This one is the American children's song, 10 Little Indians, in Japanese! (note: the Japanese version doesn't include "little" in the lyrics, it translates to simply "there are 1, 2, 3 of them")

Hitori, futari, san-nin iru yo
Yo-nin, go-nin, roku-nin iru yo
Shichi-ni, hachi-nin, ku-nin iru yo
Juu-nin no indian booizu

Juu-nin, ku-nin, hachi-nin iru yo
Shichi-nin, roku-nin, go-nin iru yo
Yo-nin, san-nin, futari iru yo
Hitori no indian booi

One little, two little, three little Indians
Four little, five little, six little Indians
Seven little, eight little, nine little Indians
Ten little Indian boys

Ten little, nine little, eight little Indians
Seven little, six little, five little Indians
Four little, three little, two little Indians
One little Indian boy

Here is the audio, sing along!

Ningyou / Doll
Watashi no ningyou wa, yoi ningyou
Me wa pacchiri to, irojiro de
Chiisai kuchi moto, airashii
Watashi no ningyou wa, yoi ningyou

Watashi no ningyou wa, yoi ningyou
Uta o utaeba, nen'neshite
Hitori de oitemo, nakimasen
Watashi no ningyou wa, yoi ningyou

My doll is a good doll
Her eyes are big and beautiful, and has fair-complexion
Her small mouth is lovely
My doll is a good doll

My doll is a good doll
When I sing a song, she goes beddy-bye
She doesn't cry if left alone
My doll is a good doll

Here is a video with the song, and a dance performed by two very cute little girls!

人形 from alte Jungfer on Vimeo.

Katatsumuri / Snail
Den den mushi mushi, katatsumuri
Omae no atama wa, doko ni aru
Tsuno dase yari dase, atama dase

Den den mushi mushi, katatsumuri
Omae no medama wa, doko ni aru
Tsuno dase yari dase, medama dase

Snail, snail
Where is your head?
Stick out your horns, stick out your antenna, stick out your head

Snail, snail
Where are your eyeballs?
Stick out your horns, stick out your antenna, stick out your eyeballs

(note: dendenmushi, and katatsumuri both mean snail)

Omacha no maachi / March of the Toys
Yattoko yattoko, kuridashita
Omocha no maachi ga, ra'ta'ta'
Ningyou no heitai, seizoroi
O-uma mo ko-inu mo, ra'ta'ta'

Yattoko yattoko, hitomawari
Kyuupi mo Poppo mo, ra'ta'ta'
Furansu ningyou mo, tobidashite
Fuefukya taiko ga, pan para pan

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Here they come
The march of the toys go rat-a-tat-tat
Soldier dolls all lined up
The horses and puppies go rat-a-tat-tat

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Going around
Kewpie and toy trains go rat-a-tat-tat
Even the French doll joins in
The flutes and drummers go pan para pan

Here is the song, although the video has nothing to do with marching toys... They also use "wanwa" for the word puppy instead of "koinu". This song is fun, I sing it to my son!

You can see the other book I have from this series here.

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