March 03, 2012

Kimono Sale, Seattle

I just found out about this from the Japanese classifieds ads. There will be a used kimono sale in Seattle. "...Guaranteed to be high quality and like new, free of wear and stains." Price ranges are between $50-200, cash or check with ID, no cards. Please do not wear shoes on the mat. All proceeds will be donated to the Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival. First come, first serve. It looks like there will be about 30 kimono. Items listed are: kurotomesode, irotomesode, houmongi, iromuji, tsukesage, komon, tsumugi, wool, hitoe, awase, gauze, haori, michiyuki, coat, fukuro obi, nagoya obi, maru obi, hanhaba obi, komono, etc.

March 7, 2012 (Wednesday)
Seattle Dojo
1510 South Washington Street
Seattle, WA 98744

I will not likely be going (cry!) as funds are tight. But if anyone else does go, please share your wins and the experience!


  1. My mane Merutsuki. i will looking find for your store. but not easy i not have car x/ i can bus to Seattle but hard. i want buy kimono. i had many kimono, i will next sell kimono but i need skill sewing kimono.

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  3. It is nice to meet you Merutsuki! I am glad to meet someone in Olympia who likes kimono - there are not very many people who love kimono in Washington state.
    It is very difficult to find a store to buy kimono in Seattle area. This kimono sale has ended, so it will be difficult to find kimono.
    There is a story in Seattle called Shiga's Imports. They sell yukata and kimono sometimes. Yukata is usually $30, and $15 for an obi.

    There is also a Japanese antique store I recently heard of, called Hosekibako, and I hear that they sell kimono, but I do not know the price. I have never been there, but I want to see.
    Hosekibako store is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays, from 10am to 3pm. I will visit Hosekibako store soon so I can see if price of the kimono is affordable. I hope I can help you find a kimono. What sort of kimono do you look for? Fancy or simple cotton?

  4. Another Kimono Sale ..
    Japasese Kimono's - Obi's - Jappanese Dishware - Tea Sets - Porcelain - Stoneware - Bowls
    (Kimono's from $100.00 to $1,500.00)

    One Day Only - Sunday - May 20, 2012 -
    Only From 12:00 Noon until 2:00 PM Only

    4027 SW 321st Street - Federal Way

    1. Thank you for the heads up on this kimono sale in Federal Way! I don't if I will be able to go on short notice, but I may try to sneak in some time to check it out.

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  6. Hello, I found this site while doing a Google search. I have a used kimono that is for sale. It is white with metalic silver detailing. It seems to be a ceremonial kimono and is extremely heavy and very beautiful. If you or someone you know is still looking for one, let me know and I can email you pictures. Thank you!

  7. Hello gpearl,
    Based on your description, it sounds like you have an uchikake, a wedding kimono. I don't know of anyone interested in buying wedding kimono, since most people I know buy kimono that they can wear casually. However, wedding kimono sell well on ebay, with collectors looking for a lovely kimono to hang on the wall as art. I think that would be the best bet for finding a new home for your kimono!