March 02, 2012

Hina Matsuri, and Papercrafts

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Hina Matsuri! I was going to put together an overly girlish Taisho kimono ensemble, but I've been so busy with other things. Other than displaying an Ichimatsu doll and looking at the Hina display at the grocery store Uwajimaya, I didn't do anything special. My baby boy had fun, he had a tea party with the dolly!
Even though I don't have a daughter, I feel like I want to do some small Hina Matsuri decoration. I found numerous free papercraft projects online, for holidays like Kodomo no Hi, and Setsubun. Rather than try and buy an expensive Hina set, why not make one out of paper?
Look how cute it is!!

I have a folder full of paper projects for the upcoming Kodomo no Hi. Time permitting, I hope to make a bunch of decorations and toys for my baby boy!

Here is another stunning papercraft at this site I know kimono lovers would appreciate. Check out this beautiful box of Shichi-go-san accessories - made completely out of paper!!!

I highly recommend checking out the Canon Creative Park website. There are so many papercrafts that you can download and print, and they are all free. And very impressive and highly detailed!
Yamaha (motorbikes) also has a small number of free papercrafts. Here is there hina matsuri craft:
If anyone else knows where to find more Japanese cultural themed papercrafts, please let me know! I may become an addict!

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