March 04, 2012

Thoughts of Summer

I really should be thinking about Spring, and the Cherry Blossom festival. I find it unfortunate that almost no information gets posted online about the Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival. It's hard to figure out what you want to go see and do at the festival if you don't have any idea of what the event schedule is like. I mentioned it on IG forums, but it seems none of the festival goers wear kimono at the Seattle Cherry Blossom festival. I never see any, anyways, except for some of the performers. Anyone that does dress up usually wears yukata, even though it isn't summer yet. It isn't particularly warm in Seattle, but it is still comfortable to wear yukata since you are walking a lot, so my family will probably wear yukata this year.

There are many things to look forward to from now until the Fall. Cherry Blossom festival, Kodomo no Hi, Tanabata, Obon, and Aki Matsuri. I have only ever been to the Cherry Blossom Festival, so I am looking forward to trying to go to the other festivals. There is also Moon Viewing event, but I don't know if we will try and go to it since it is rather late to be out for my son.

Today I decided to see if any of my yukata items fit my son. I made for him a jinbei last year, but we ended not going to any events and he never wore it. I tried it on him today and it still fit him, except the shirt is a bit short. I don't think it will fit him when it is time for the festivals, so I suppose he will just wear it around the house until I can make or buy a new one.
Toddlers are hard to take pictures of, he is always moving! Don't mind mommy in the background in her pajamas!
The fabric is just quilting cotton. I lined up the pattern on the back so that the full dragon showed.

I tried a yukata on my son also. He had a great time playing with the sleeves! This yukata is sized for a 3-4 year old, my son is only 21 months and short for his age, so I am happy that I will only have to shorten it a little bit! Hopefully I can find a reasonably priced heko obi soon. I also have some fabric to make a dinosaur yukata for him!

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