February 18, 2012

Kitsuke with Tourist Kimono

I decided to pull out two of my tourist kimono and play with them to see if I can dress them up to look like authentic kimono. Both kimono are polyester, short length and very wide body, and have seams in the shoulders and no seam in the center back. You can not tell they are fake kimono by the pictures!
Sorry for the bad pictures. It was night time and I have a lack of good lighting. Plus I really need to invest in a tripod..

You can tell by my face expression, pink is not my color!

I paired both tourist kimono with the same dusty purple nagoya obi. The bamboo motif is reflected in the obi and kimono. The obijime is made by me. It was my first attempt at kumihimo braiding, so I just used cotton string to learn the technique. I plan to make many more obijime, if I ever get around to making a marudai! The "obiage" I used is actually the koshihimo looking tie that came with the other tourist kimono in this post. The blue color compliments this coordinate, all subdued.

A brown haori with plum design.

My "WOW! Those are Silver!" zouri!! They are so gawdy... They have a very casual feel because the heel is very low to the ground. They are too long for my feet, so I rarely wear them.

The second tourist kimono. Blue is a much better color!

I don't know why the obi decided to get all rounded on the side of my waist. The obiage is a child's one, but it is long enough to use, so why not.

I wore burgundy and green geta.

And a subdued michiyuki. After taking it off I noticed a small hole forming in the shoulder, so sadly this maybe the last time using this michiyuki.

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