February 18, 2012

(Late) Christmas Kitsuke

I actually did this ensemble December 15th, I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. I put this together with Christmas in mind, so I used Christmas colors of red, green, white, and gold.

The furisode is my first kimono I ever bought. I got it at an antique store when I was in high school. It's beautiful and confusing to me! It is THICK. The fabric is woven and reminds me of obi brocade or an uchikake. It may be an uchikake converted to furisode by removing the padding, but I don't know. The design seems rather plain for an uchikake. The fukuro obi was a happy find in the table linens section of a thrift store. It was in excellent condition, except for the residue from were the thrift store affixed their price sticker.

I paired it with my white obiage/obijime set, with the gold part of the obijime showing.

I got a little creative with the collar. The date'eri is a spare kasane eri I had laying around. The han'eri is actually a child's obiage! I've fallen in love with pictures of shibori han'eri I see in my kimono magazines and on the internet. The texture is so fun. I love the look of this obiage as a han'eri, but the collar on this kimono was already so thick so the collar area looked rather bulky.

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