February 21, 2012

Recent Purchases

After posting about those blue and white yukata I saw at the thrift store, I realized that the blue one with the worn out fabric was most likely dyed on the inside also. I recently took a yukata that was worn out and remade it by sewing it inside out because the inside of the yukata was dyed and vibrant colors. I thought that maybe I would be able to do the same thing with this blue yukata so I went to see if it was still there. Unfortunately it was sold, but I did find two jinbei instead!
Both exactly the same, in sizes M and LL. I snatched up the LL size! They were originally $13, on sale for $6, but I got a surprise additional discount at the register and only paid $3 for it!
The jinbei doesn't look like anything special on the hanger, so here it is laid out. I tried it on, it should fit my husband (we wear roughly the same size, makes shopping for him convenient!)
I like the woven texture. And classic dark blue.

I also went to a vintage clothing store recently. Glenna's Clothing, she has a good number of kimono there, but nobody buys them so the owner was starting to move them out of her stock. We had a bit of conversation and she told me that a man had recently gave her a bunch of kimono items. After digging through back stock and under nooks and crannies we went through various nagajuban, obi, and random kitsuke accessories in very used condition. I helped her identify and price some items and walked away with a small purchase of a hitoe hanhaba obi and two datejime.
The two datejime are in poor shape with stains, but they are useable. I needed more for the upcoming matsuri season. The grey/green one is a rubber and velcro type I had never seen before in which the ends are tapered and smaller than the middle.

The obi is very bright almost orangey red. It glows almost like neon. I have one almost exactly like it but in magenta.
I'm not entirely sure, but they look like sakiori to me. I haven't seen solid color sakiori on the internet before, so I'm calling them hitoe obi for now. The magenta one was given to me from a friend of the family. She said it was her most coveted item in her kimono collection, so I feel special to have it and add another one like it to my collection. They are very versatile so I like them a lot.

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