February 18, 2012

Upcoming: Kimono de Jack in Seattle!

If you live in the Seattle/Western Washington area, guess what?? They are holding a KIMONO DE JACK in Seattle, February 24th!! It takes place before and during the 4th annual Celebrate Asia concert held by the Seattle Symphony at the Benaroya Hall. The event has been sold out the past 3 years, so purchase your tickets while you still can!

Go here to register:
You will not get your tickets until you get there. They hold your tickets under your name at the ticket booth. You can pick up your ticket before the Kimono reception or after the reception during the pre-concert performances in the lobby.

You can purchase a ticket for just the Kimono Jack for $15, just the Celebrate Asia concert (I believe you would be seated with the kimono jack group) for $35, or $50 for both. They've added additional seats for the Kimono Jack group, hopefully that means they have a larger turn out than they originally anticipated!

There will be a flood of beautiful ethnic clothing for you to drool over at the event (please don't actually drool on them, the wearer may be offended!!) People will be dressed in their finest clothing from all over Asia. Saris, hanbok, and of course kimono!

During the catered kimono reception there will be an area set aside to get help straightening your kimono. They recommend showing up already dressed in your kimono, but there will be some getting assistance getting dressed at the event.

To my knowledge, this is the first Kimono de Jack in Seattle. Only a few kimono were seen in previous years at the concert. Koto performer:

The Seattle Japanese Queen attends each year. I believe this is the 2009 queen pictured.There should be a much larger turn-out of kimono lovers this year, decked out in their finest! I should get back to getting my ensemble ready for this Friday! Look forward to lots of pictures!

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